Makeup Application

Pricing for any type of makeup application: Light or Glam, extra $50 per 30 minutes. Includes lash appication.                                 $100

Updo Hairstyle

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Updo Hairstyle

When booking for both bridal hairstyle and makeup application you save $50! Makeup application includes lash application.       $600

Bridal Makeup Trial

Trial is a must for all brides! Includes lash application.                                                                                                                                                                       $150

Bridal Hair

Any additional services such as dupatta-setting (south-asian bridal) are subjected to an addition $50 fee.                                                                            $300

Makeup Class for Beginners

This is a 5 hour class. Teaching day to night makeup: contouring, makeup setting, and product knowledge.                                                                   $500.00

No model or KIT necessary, this class is designed to learn how to do your own makeup application!

Makeup Class for Advanced Learners

TThis is a 3 day class, 7 hours per day. Teaching day to night makeup: natural application, glam application, bridal makeup (south-asian                   $1500
bridal  and modern bridal), product knowledge and certification. Classes run from 11am - 7pm. Must bring a model & your own makeup KIT.

Full Day Photoshoot

Minimum 8 hours. Prices may vary based on updo-hairstyles ONLY. If photoshoot consists of makeup application and/or down-do hairstyles          $1000

prices are set given below. Unlimited amount of makeup applications and hairstyles within 8 hours. If hours exceed 8 hours there will be an

extra $100 per hour.

Travel Abroad

When traveling abroad flight and hotel must be included. Price varies depending on location, please contact directly for more information              $100+

Travel Abroad

Any appointments booked before 9am are subjected to a fee. Minimum $50.                                                                                                                             $50+

Travel Abroad

Starting price for travel fee is $50. Prices are subject to change based on location. Parking fee(s) are responsibile by the client                                       $50+

$50 non refundable payment deposit for bookings