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Shh... Celebrity Makeup Secrets and what's in my KIT

Updated: Feb 25, 2018

I'm going to start by saying that I have done major research on what the best products are for ALL skin types. Many times you will see a great MUA but only on him or herself, when it comes to other skin types the MUA only uses products that are trending or what works best for him or herself. One major benefit while working at my mothers salon was the advantage of several different types of clients; dry/oily skin, dark or pink/red pigmentation, and different expectations per clients culture fit. I mean you name it, I've probably experienced it all. Any who, I'm going to let you in on a break down of my top secret products that work for ALL skin types, I'm not being paid for this, I'm honestly just sharing my knowledge. BTW I'm extremely picky, and I don't tend to feed into whats trending (Unless I feel it has a significant purpose to meet my clients needs), believe it or not I have the same eye shadows from 3 years ago, and I'll update it from time to time when I run out... If you ever need to know how to use it on yourself and your skin type, please feel free to login and comment your questions/remarks below.

1. Prep Skin (optional)

I'm BIG on moisturizing skin, as any esthetician would tell you... moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Do you wonder why your makeup looks so cake? Well I have a secret weapon, but the only way it'll be effective is if you use it every morning after you wash and exfoliate your face and before you go to bed.

a. After washing your face, apply a exfoliate using Facial Radiance Pad

b. When done, moisturize face with Tarte - Maracuja Oil - allow your face to soak in all the nutrients from the Marcuja Oil (2-3 minutes) then move on to Step 2.

2. Prep Lips: Sugar Lip Polish

3. Face Primer: Smashbox

This primer is great for ALL skin types.

4. Color Corrector:

Orange Corrector: Neutralize blue (usually when under your eyes are so dark they look bruised)

Direction: Apply with beauty blender, Bobbie Brown Dark Peach (let it sit for 10 seconds), then apply a layer of Peach Bisque over the Dark Peach Corrector also with a synthetic brush.

Products Used:

Purple Corrector: Yellow skin (usually in between dark circles and the apples of your cheeks)

Direction: Warm up product with fingers, apply when skin is already primed. then apply over cheek bone.

Products Used:

Green Corrector: Redness (acne or blemishes)

Direction: First moisturize your skin, apply primer on your face, apply a pore minimizer on your face (I like Benefit Cosmetics #Porefessional), If you have a huge pimple apply a dab of #Phillips milk of magnesia with your finger, let it dry. - then apply a thin layer of green corrector before applying your liquid foundation.

Products Used:

5. Concealers

Glamouflauge Concealer for my GLAM/HD Clients

Mac Cosmetics Pro Long-wear Concealer for my regular makeup applications

6. Liquid Foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid for my HD/Glam girls

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick for my Mature Clients

7. Contour

LA girl Cosmetics for heavy to light contour

Kat Von D Face Contour Palette powder for setting contour (Cheeks, Nose, Forehead)

8. Powder Setting:

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder can be used for light to heavy coverage under eye & under Cheeks

MAC Studio Fix Plus Foundation for heavy coverage under eye and lightly padded over whole face - yes, you can still achieve a flawless application with this product.

Ben Nye products are usually used for my clients who have darker pigmentation or someone who doesn't want to enhance a lighter shade under their eyes (but still want to achieve full coverage) *This one's a little tricky.

9. Highlight

Mac Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skin Finish - I cannot explain how much I absolutely LOVE this highlighter, I've owned all highlighters and all are good (Dose, Anastasia Beverly Hills) But this.. this one is golden & ONLY if you apply it using a specific method - Don't worry I'll have a post for EACH numbered segment on How To's

10. Blush:

Mac Cosmetics Cream Colour Base - I like to use cream for cheecks because it makes the look more natural, when powder is being used.. people tend to overuse the powder which makes you look extra heavy on the cheeks. If you want to avoid that get yourself a cream blush.

I would also recommend using lip tar for Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, I like this product because I can use this product for multi use... lips and cheeks.

11. Eye Primer

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is used to obviously prime the eyes, this product is great for ALL my clients... to achieve ALL looks.

I use MAC Cosmetics Soft Ochre for my GLAM/HD Clients who really want their lids to POP.

12. Eye Shadows

Mac Cosmetics - I love my eyeshadows from MAC because it has a texture that lasts for a very long time when you apply. Ive tried MANY eyeshadows but I also resort back to MAC. It's more dry and high pigmented which makes it easier to apply. It makes it a little harder to blend, but once you get the hang of it I would say MAC is the best for Crease and Highlighting the eyes.

Colourpop - Is great for the eyelids,

it has a poppy/shimmery color and a great color to stand out. They have the perfect nudes.. and when applying over Soft Ochre from MAC with a wet brush, you get the ultimate results (I only like their shimmery eyeshadows)

13. Brow Products

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow used best with a flat brush or angled brush, this gives you a great bold eyebrow or light if stroked with the brush properly.

14. Lip Color

Anastasia Beverly Hills is very pretty colors, and a smooth finish when applying. This product DOES NOT leave your lips cake. Some people have complained that it doesn't last as long, but I absolutely love the way it feels.

Colourpop - I'm starting to believe they made a new formula for their lip colors, its more than half the price as ABH Liquid Lips and the have the same finish... and colors.

15. Lip Liner

OCC Makeup - Don't get me wrong, I use MAC as well.. but I'm gonna represent OCC Makeup for their lip liners because its LONG LASTING and REALLY SMOOTH. They don't dry out like MAC Lip liners do, and they are super super soft.. my favorite color is "Trick" and it's unfortunately always sold out.

16: Lip Gloss

Mac Cosmetics Lipglass - My favorite has to be the Lipglass family of all the lip glosses that MAC possesses. It extremely shiny, and its long lasting.

17. Eyeliner

Inglot #77 - My favorite eyeliner for upper and lower eyelids.. there are many reasons why: It's long lasting (waterproof), It blends very well, and it's true black.

18. Glitter

Stella Glitter - I like this product because it has high pigmentation of the Glitter, the wand is easy to use, and the colors are beautiful.


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